How to Build More Lean muscle

How to Build More Lean muscle

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How to Build More Lean muscle

You’ve been training for months and doing all the right things, but now you've hit a plateau.  This is very common, and it could be because your workout regime is not periodized.  Periodizing your workout program ensures that you are always building on the previous week and always getting stronger by doing progressively more difficult exercises and workouts.


How to periodize your workout plan for more lean muscles:

1) Use drop sets:  Drop sets are one of the best ways to overload the tissue without risking injury.  Instead of doing 3 sets of 10, try 2 drop sets.  Start with a weight that you can do 12 reps with, then drop the weight and complete 10 reps, drop the weight and complete 8 reps… all the way down to 2 reps - then rest.  Your rest time should be over two minutes in order to maximize the work during your set.  Not only will you complete more repetitions, but you will be delaying the onset of lactic acid for a longer period of time – the best way to build lean muscle.


2) Record your weight:  Recording your weight on each exercise provides you with accountability, which in turn makes you lift more weight each week – that means faster progress to a strong and lean body.


3) Hold your foundation:  Every four weeks you should come back to your foundation exercises - squat, deadlift, bench press and bent over row. These four exercises are the foundation of strength training.  Reassessing your weight with these exercises will provide your body with consistency on a monthly basis, training it to lift heavier weights and build up lean muscle over time.

The trick to building more lean muscle is to have a periodized program with an easy to follow structure, so find a workout plan that suits your body and stick to it.  This will ensure that you build more lean muscle.