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How to Build Muscle Using Light Weights

How to Build Muscle Using Light Weights

April 2nd Training And Programs

How to Build Muscle Using Light Weights

So it’s been a while since you hit the gym, or decided to get active. While we’re not here to judge, we are here to help you get on track. You deserve to be healthy, build muscle, and reduce some of that stress through exercise.

Building muscle isn’t always about jumping into a hardcore CrossFit class or a marathon, it’s about suitable, consistent and sustainable exercise programs that will get the job done. One of the safest options you have to build muscle is by using light weights. To get great results you need to work to an intensity that will challenge your muscles, but instead of loading up the weights, you increase the number of reps you’re doing.

We’re not talking about a boring 100-rep light-weight exercise that could cause overuse injuries; we’re talking about a mix and match of light weight exercises that’ll get those muscles burning.


  • - Choose a weight where you can complete 15-20 reps with good technique. If you can’t get to 15 good reps, then your weight is too heavy. If you feel like you can keep going past 20, then choose a heavier weight
  • - Exercises that use big muscle groups and that work more than one muscle group at a time are your best choices for building muscle. They also allow you to get more benefits from your workouts in a shorter space of time. Examples are:
  1. 1- Squats, lunges or leg press for the lower body
  2. 2- Push ups, bench press or the chest press machine for your chest and triceps
  3. 3- Lat pulldown and seated row machines for your back and biceps
  • You won’t need as much rest between sets for exercises using light weights. You can try going from exercise to exercise with minimal rest, or resting up to one minute in between sets

Lifting light weights for 15-20 reps will help you build muscle that is strong and lean. Muscle building supplements can help you achieve your muscle gain goals alongside your exercise program.

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