Cheating in the summer and winter.

When you are on a body building diet, you are expected to follow through with it as religiously as you can. A lot of us will actually follow it to the latter to the point where we cannot even take a slight bite off the recommended diet. Well, if you keep following your diet plan in this way, rest assured that you will keep your muscles and toned body intact, and your diet will be pretty boring. So many nutritionists and professionals have often said that it is okay to treat yourself to something “bad” every once in a while. However, today I want to show you how to cheat on your diet, and get away with it.

First of all, let’s take note of the fact that it can actually be fun to cheat on your diet. Next, you have to understand that you should be strict with your diet. All this sounds contradictory, but I will show you how to do it in the best way possible, and not feel guilty or worry about spoiling all that you have worked so hard for. When you get to cheat on your diet in moderation, you will not do any damage to your body. However, it is important for you to ensure that you only do this if you are sure you can handle it, and it will not see you veer off the track.

Cheating in the summer

Summer is one of the shortest periods which we all wish could be a bit longer, but sadly enough, that cannot happen. In the summer I normally take at least 2-3 days off my regular diet so that I am able to try eating something different. 2-3 days is enough for me because it allows me only enough time to try out something in particular, and also makes sure that I do not get to overdo things. With that in mind, I get my hands on some bread, pasta, steak, pork, restaurant food once in a while, and because I am a sucker for it, ice cream. Once in a while I can also throw in a cookie or two to stop my mind from lusting for it.

Cheating in the winter

It’s pretty cold during the winter, and I would wonder why anyone would not want to be big enough to stay warm and fail to fit in the doorway. My goal during the winter is pretty simple, to eat all I can, become so big all the planets have to gravitate around me. To do this I normally make sure that all the foods I eat dangerously have a lot of calories. I prefer Sunday as my cheat day, perhaps because it’s the day I feel so religious I really want to be rewarded for it, maybe!

My typical Sunday meals include a visit to Wal-Mart for their donuts, chocolate milk, pastries and cookies. Besides that I still find enough room for some bacon, mushrooms, pepperoni, noodles, shrimp, beef and chicken. What I can advise anyone who would like to cheat the way I do, make sure you can handle it.