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How to Gain Healthy Weight with Supplements

How to Gain Healthy Weight with Supplements

April 1st Nutrition And Recipes

How to Gain Healthy Weight with Supplements

This feels like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? How could gaining weight ever be a challenge? You would think that it’s as easy as always having seconds, never skipping dessert and adding extra cheese on anything that leaves the kitchen—but it’s not that simple. Bulking up should never be about the fat because once you’ve put on the fatty pounds, getting rid of them will not be as easy as (eating) pie.

Weight gain supplements are a good way to increase your calories without eating all day. Supplements for putting on weight contain ingredients that are high in calories, protein, carbs, and “good” fats. All of these elements are essential to building muscle.

So what should I be looking for?

One of the top ingredients to look for is whey protein. Whey protein comes from milk and will help increase your muscle growth. Add a scoop to your blender, along with peanut butter, a banana, and a glass of milk. You’ll not only be adding a lot of calories to your daily diet, but be focusing on adding healthy calories.

Creatine is another ingredient in weight gain supplements, used by many bodybuilders. It’s used to give your muscles extra mass and strength. Both meat and fish contain creatine, but to get the benefits of this natural substance, you’ll want to choose a supplement that has it as a top ingredient.

A protein shake is ideal for gaining weight. Choose a product that doesn’t just give you empty calories or your body won’t get the fuel it needs. The protein should be high quality and be composed of whey and casein, both of which are good for gaining weight and building muscle.

That hot bod is closer than you think with a little power of will and some help from our little supplement friends over here. Some women take their weight gain supplements pre-workout, while others like to wait till after their workout—the choice is always yours, ladies!