How to Gain Weight the Healthy Way

How to Gain Weight the Healthy Way

April 1st Nutrition And Recipes

How to Gain Weight the Healthy Way

If your doctor suggests you may need to gain weight, you might be tempted to stuff yourself with potato chips and cheesecake– but make this into a habit, and it will be harmful to your health down the line. Here are some easy ways to incorporate more healthy fat into your diet, and gain weight the healthy way.

1- Eat more unsaturated fat

These are what is commonly known as “healthy fat”. They can be found in nuts, avocados, olive oil, and salmon, to name a few. You could try drizzling your salad with olive oil, eating avocado toast for breakfast, or baking salmon for dinner. Remember to snack frequently too, snacks like nuts or dried fruit are great choices.


2- Drink your calories

Rather than drinking soda or water with your snacks and meals, try a high-calorie yet healthy option such as milk or fruit juice. Fruit juice will give you more calories than eating the fruit itself, but you won’t feel as full, so you’ll have room for more calories. Also, try adding a protein shake into your diet, one meant to help you gain weight, such as Nature’s Best Perfect 3000.

3-Get enough protein

Make sure you’re adding enough protein to every meal. If you only eat a salad for lunch, throw in some chicken breast or tofu. Spread peanut butter on your toast at breakfast or drink a glass of milk. Red meat is also great for weight gain. You want to get enough protein in your diet to help you gain lean muscle, which is denser and heavier than fat– especially if you’re exercising regularly.


Remember, when trying to gain weight, it’s best to do it the healthy way to avoid issues like heart disease down the road. If you want to know how to gain weight, healthy fat is key, so eat as frequently as you can, and drizzle olive oil over everything!