Each and every time you mention bodybuilding a lot of people immediately take their minds to muscles and nothing else. Everyone will immediately think of lean mass, muscles to die for and a very stern face. This is not all there is to bodybuilding. There are other aspects of bodybuilding that can also guarantee you success, and the perfect body that you want. Today we will focus on the back; yes, not so many people ever get to think about this, but working on your back can be a very good thing for you to do, considering the fact that you need to be 100% fit. If you forget about all the specifics of bodybuilding, any professional bodybuilder will tell you that in as much as you can go to the gym and work out on a particular part of your body; bodybuilding is a process that can only become complete and successful when you work the whole body. However, today we want to focus on the back and how you can get one of the strongest, muscular backs ever.

First you have to understand that you will not be able to wish a strong back into your body, you have to work for it, and work hard you will. Sadly, when you take into consideration all the hard work that we subject the back to from day to day, it is one of the most neglected parts of the body that you need to take seriously. Just like you will do for the rest of your body, you must be dedicated and be willing to work harder every other day to get the perfect back. The reason why a lot of people complain that they cannot feel their back muscles when they are working out is because in most cases we lift too much weight and make the ultimate mistake or forcing the body momentum to handle that weight. This can be good for your back muscles, but not effective. There are effective back exercises that you can work on to give you amazing results.

Performing your pull-ups with your palms facing forward is one of the most effective ways of working the back. Take into consideration that you will need to do as may reps as you can, if possible 5 sets. You can space the sets at intervals of 2-4 minutes each. The good thing about this is because you will be using your body weight to help you gain the momentum that your back requires. Your back should be able to handle your body weight because it is supposed to carry this around every other day. With controlled movements, your back muscles will be able to help you pull yourself up and down.

Next you can do some barbell rows, planning at least 4 sets of these and spacing them one or two minutes apart. You can do 5-10 reps. For those who have tried it, working the barbells at 45 degrees is normally a very good alternative and it can yield some really amazing results.