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How to improve your fitness for sports

How to improve your fitness for sports

April 2nd Training And Programs

How to improve your fitness for sports

The most effective way to take your sport to the next level is to get stronger, faster and improve endurance. All of these essential skills can be done through proper training. If you're an athlete looking to improve your fitness take a look at these important workout breakdowns.


Training for strength can be completed with high weight, low reps, and low intensity. Popular strength schemes are 5x5, 6x4 or 8x3. In all cases, the rep scheme is 25 or lower. This is because when we train for strength, we want to stimulate hypertrophy and cell volumizing - which is done most effectively in lower rep schemes. Keep in mind that in each case you should only feel tired on the last 1 or 2 repetitions. Each set should be done with form and quality in mind, so no forcing through reps.

Speed Training

Training for speed is difficult and takes time but is very rewarding. The most important aspect to consider is that we are rewiring your body and its biomechanics. The first step is to implement tempo work--ff you are training for a 1km race, start by running 200m with perfect running form. Don't sprint, start off with a fast jog. Each time you run the 200m, walk 200m as rest and repeat the process.

Endurance Training

Every part of your body will help you along the journey, even your endorphins. The first step in training for endurance is to break down your goal. If your goal is to run a marathon, most runners will agree that setting a weekly goal is best. Start with 20km a week - listen to your body and when you feel fresh log your time. Every 2-3 weeks bump up the goal 3-5km. Within a couple of months, you should be running like the wind with ease!