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How to Lose Weight: 3 Things to Remember

How to Lose Weight: 3 Things to Remember

April 1st Nutrition And Recipes

How to Lose Weight: 3 Things to Remember

If you want to lose weight, then diet is key, and you’re doing the right thing by first focusing on what you eat. However, the biggest mistake most people make when trying to lose weight is to restrict their diet - they count calories, cut their food intake and try to make sure that they exercise enough to burn off the calories they eat. But, cutting too many calories too fast could wear you out and cause more harm than good.


3 Things to Remember:

1- Start by adding more fruits and vegetables to your grocery list

At the grocery store, make sure you stock up on healthy snacks. Also, have a few healthy recipe ideas in your repertoire – they should contain plenty of vegetables and minimal saturated fats. Cooking at home will help you to maintain your diet because you’re in control of what goes into your meal.

2- Get plenty of protein and fiber

Protein comes from lean meats as well as fish, nuts, beans, and eggs. You can get your fiber from fruits and vegetables, as well as dried fruit such as prunes and wholewheat bread. These nutrients keep you feeling full so that you don’t have to snack as often. Try to include these in every meal, and when you do snack, tuck into something protein- or fiber-rich.

3- Don’t over-exercise

Of course, you want to exercise, but working out too much can actually do more harm than good! When you burn calories through exercise, your body tries to maintain homeostasis by telling you to replace those calories. What does that mean? In short, it means you get hungry. And it’s a lot easier to take all of those calories (plus more) back in than it is to burn them again, so if you notice that you eat significantly more on the days that you exercise, that’s a sign that it’s time to slow down on the fitness front.