There is so much about exercise that will depend on your mind and how you condition your mind to perceive success. If there is something that I normally tell individuals when they are working out is that they can never make it if they do not believe that they can. The first step towards achieving success especially with cardio sessions is to make sure that you are in it, wholly. Your mind has to be in it and most importantly you have to believe that you are going to make it. Most of the time we make ourselves to believe that we are tired and cannot go on anymore and that is how most people stop working out altogether. However, if we could use the same mind set to make ourselves believe that we can still go on further and achieve greater success, there is so much that we can be able to achieve altogether. Just in the same way you affixed into your mind that you are tired and stopped a 30 minute cardio session in less than 10 minutes, you can actually convince yourself that you can keep going on and even push your limits slightly above the half hour mark.

The power that the mind has over the body is normally too immense that you cannot take it for granted. As a matter of fact you should learn to channel this power in the right direction and you will be able to achieve so much more when you are working out. The first step that you have to learn is how to control your mind and what you think. Never allow your mind to tell you that you are too tired. When that thought comes to mind, just try and find a way of crushing it. Most people I know like to see themselves as one of those war tanks crushing everything that stands in their way. Develop that mentality and you will be good to go.

The interesting thing about listening to music especially motivational or inspirational music when you are on the treadmill or when you are working out and going about your cardio is that you will hardly ever get to hear what others are saying about you or about how tired they are, or anything else that can see you lose psyche. Besides, music normally has that additional benefit of making you feel so energetic that you can just keep on working harder. It works especially well when you still have a few minutes left in the cardio session and you might already be feeling like giving up.

As a rule of thumb when you are having your cardio session, never look at your timer. Whenever you keep looking at the timer you will easily lose faith in the process and get so frustrated that time is not moving fast enough, and even get to discourage yourself in the long run. Most people normally work so hard and think that they have been at it for close to an hour, only for the timer to remind them that it’s only been 9 minutes.