I had struggled with the fat guy syndrome for a very long time. Like most people my size, I grew up a large (fat) kid, spent my childhood as a fat kid, progressed through my teen years a fat lad and I have grown up to be a fat man. Quite the success I guess, but I have been happy with who I was until I looked into the mirror one day and thought to myself that I was really, really fat. When it got to my mind and it reached to a point where I was looking down on myself because of my size, I wondered what other individuals would be thinking of me if I already saw myself this way.

Growing up was not easy either, especially as I went to school. I participated in various sports activities, and all the time I was placed in positions that were often reserved for the fat kid. From the right field, catcher, center, tackle, guard, end all these are positions that were categorically spared for me. As a young lad at some point I thought to myself that I was special and that I really deserved these positions hence they were reserved for me. It was so easy to get into a team because there was always something for me to do. However, soon my body became a problem – I was not able to achieve my potential. I had the qualities to play as a quarterback, play basketball or point guard. However, none of my coaches ever thought I was able to do that, because to them, I was that fat kid. Sadly enough I also joined that band wagon and never really made it out of that cocoon.

After a series of failures and attempts here and there, I finally decided that I had to get on and at least bring myself to a level that I would be happy with. I cannot lie to anyone that it has been easy. Point blank I have failed more times than I can remember, but each time I picked myself up and went back into the challenge. Today I cannot say that I have already achieved everything that I want with my size, but what I can tell anyone is that I am not afraid of failing anymore, and it only spurs me on to become a better person over and over again.

Through my journey there are some lessons that I learnt which gave me quite the insight into what I was going through. The food I ate really defined who I was, and this goes for every other individual out there. If you want to stay lean or to stay clean, you will have to start by making the right choice of foods that you will be eating.

Vegetables are important to your meal. If possible, try and make sure that you can eat at least a vegetable every other day. If you can have a different vegetable per day, that would be great.