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How to Supplement for Weight Loss

How to Supplement for Weight Loss

April 1st Nutrition And Recipes

How to Supplement for Weight Loss

When you’re trying to improve your nutrition to lose weight, there are so many diet pills and supplements on the market that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Don’t stress – in this article, we’ll cover the best supplements to add to your diet that will aid your weight loss process.

1- Carnitine

Carnitine, also known as L-Carnitine, is the most popular weight loss supplement at Sporter.com. Not only does it increase athletic performance, but it also burns fat and prevents fat gain. Your body already produces L-Carnitine, but by adding more to your diet, you enhance your fat-burning potential. L-Carnitine also lowers fatigue, which is a real bonus if you’re trying to lose weight through exercise. Why not give the Optimum L-Carnitine supplement a whirl?


Garcinia is a fruit extract in supplement form which has been found to help you lose weight by allowing calories to be converted into muscle-building glycogen rather than fat. Try MuscleTech Platinum Garcinia Plus.

3-Green coffee bean

This is an unroasted coffee bean that you take in supplement form, which contains chlorogenic acids that promote fat loss and prevent the creation of new fat cells. Try Purely Inspired Green Coffee Bean supplement.


Bonus: Green tea!

Green tea has a similar effect to green coffee bean – it increases your metabolism, which enhances fat loss. Drink several cups a day in addition to the green coffee bean supplement for even more powerful weight loss. Here’s a tip - if you don’t like the taste, instead of adding sugar you could try a natural sweetener like honey, or even better, add a zesty squeeze of lemon!

These four ideas are a great starting place to supplement your diet. Of course, always remember that a clean diet and exercise are crucial to any weight loss program – these supplements are simply there to speed your progress along. Try a low-fat, high-fiber diet, with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and minimal sugary or processed foods.