Supplements are important to bodybuilders because they provide them with the extra edge that they need when it comes to nutrition and boosting their training efforts at the gym. However, in as much as these are highly beneficial to the body system, not so many people are able to take all the supplements that they need in one day. Keeping track of all the supplements that should be taken can be very hard especially when you also have to remember when to take them. Let’s look at how some of the top bodybuilders have managed to keep their supplement schedules and how you too can try the same.

Though you will come across a number of ways to help you remember all the supplements, I came to realize that the easiest and most effective way is to simply understand the supplements. You should understand what the essential building blocks that make up the supplements you are using are, and what benefits they deliver to your body. When you can comprehend this, you will always know when something needs to be taken because your body needs it. In my schedule, I always find it easier to associate the supplements with activities that are planned for later. Therefore when the time comes to carry out some activity, I have to take the supplements beforehand, and it soon became a routine procedure for me. As a matter of fact it has been years since I forgot to take my supplements.

When you are about to go for the weights for example, this might be a good time to take your creatine supplements. It is advisable that you do this at least an hour beforehand because it takes around the same time to have it absorbed through the muscles. You will then understand the difference between yourself and someone who takes creatin because it is a popular supplement. They do not know how long it takes to be absorbed into the muscles, but you do, and you understand why you need take it an hour before you start lifting weights.

One of the other options that have always worked in my favour is using multivitamins. Generally multivitamins require no more than a couple of servings per day; a morning serving and a late night serving. If you do not understand how the multivitamins work, you can easily skip the evening dose. However, if you appreciate the fact that your body needs the nutrients when you are sleeping because you will not be eating anything for the next 8 hours, you will find yourself taking your multivitamins right on time.

For those who take their proteins to work or school, I always advise against this and for a good reason. The protein shakes are normally recommended for use right after your workout session is over. Therefore instead of taking these you can opt for other things like protein bars. By the end of the day the most important thing about all supplements is understanding why your body needs them.