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How to workout like an athlete

How to workout like an athlete

April 2nd Training And Programs

How to workout like an athlete

Training to be a complete athlete is very difficult. It’s amazing to see high-level athletes on the TV but thinking about the hard work and dedication they put in is humbling. If you want to workout like an athlete, there are a few important ideas we need to consider.


Time management

Managing your time is the most important aspect of an athlete's life. Ask any student-athlete to walk you through their day - the entire process is scheduled. Fitting in specific training, workouts, class, studying and physio can be very demanding. The first step to training like an athlete is managing your time properly.


Defining your goal

When you have your day scheduled, and you have 2-3 hours to workout it's time to get to work. Defining your goal is very important for an athlete. A basketball player might want to jump higher or run faster whereas a cricket player may want to improve balance and strength. Defining your goal will help to make your training specific to your needs.


Creating the workout plan

Creating a successful workout plan means training towards a goal. If your goal is to jump higher and increase speed, you should keep your workouts short, with higher intensity. If your goal is related more to strength and balance, your workout should be longer with lower intensity.


Stay motivated

Most people who start a workout program drop it within the first six weeks. This is why it is very important to stay motivated. Find an easy goal to achieve every two weeks that will combine into your long-term goal. Matching your short-term goals with your long-term goals will provide you with accountability in your program. If your goal was to jump higher - your long-term goal might be to dunk a basketball. Some short-term goals you could have would be dunking smaller objects on lower rims, working up to the full 10-foot net.