Having grown up in a family of obese people, I can say it was very easy for me to follow suit and live the obese lifestyle without worrying about the effects that this would have on me. However, as I progressed through school from one stage to the other it became pretty obvious that I wasn’t satisfied with my size at all. I wasn’t fitting in anywhere, from the class to the restaurants, I was too big to live a normal life, and had to do something about it, and pretty fast.

When I look back at my 4 year journey from 525 pounds to 210 pounds, I cannot think of anything other than persistence that got me through. For more than once I had imagined how easy it would be to quit and just be another normal obese guy. However, I never lost faith and I kept pushing on. You can imagine how embarrassing it gets when you walk into a gym and you cannot even use the treadmill because your weight can kill it; that’s the position I was in once, but I was lucky to have all the right minded individuals around me.

First I worked with Andy at the local gym who helped to get me on track, and I can say he helped me build the foundation for my success in getting the body I wanted. Later on I reached out to John Otis Hollywood whose success in this kind of thing I had heard so much about. Meeting and working with John ranks as one of the most important milestones in my life, and he even took time to stand by me when I had my skin removal surgery – you cannot ask more from your fitness trainer.

Perhaps one of the highlights of my life in school was coming from that obese guy to being crowned senior prom king in high school, but getting there was no easy task. I realized that I had to make some sacrifices if I was to be able to get to the size that I wanted so much. I had to stop eating junk and be really focused on the challenge at hand. My workout plan was very intensive, and I was working out every other day of the week at the gym. Besides that I also started on a nutrition plan that I would follow for a very long time. Even after I got to the size that I wanted, I could not let go of the diet plan because of the benefits that I had received from it.

For all those out there who are trying to get their workout sessions in order so that they can gain weight, lose some fat or for some other reason, it is not an easy road, but if you are determined, you will get there. Of course like every other individual there was a time when I really came close to quitting, but focus on the end result kept me in line.