you are a motivated fellow

What really brings you to the gym every day? What drives you to keep coming from time to time and work so hard at the gym? Even if you have all the wrong reasons, like meeting someone, the fact that you keep coming back time and again means that there is something more that propels you. You are motivated by the fact that by the end of it all, you might just get lucky and get a phone number. Do you remember when you started working out? How hard was it? How many times did you think you were wasting your time and would have been better off doing something else? All these are questions that run through your mind from time to time, but you still keep coming back to the gym and working so hard at the machines. All this is because of one thing – you are a motivated fellow.

Motivation can take you places you might never have thought possible, and make you achieve things you only dreamt of. It is important to make sure that you set the right goals to keep you motivated as you seek to work at the gym. You need to make sure that you are working towards a realistic cause if at all you are to succeed. This is important because once your goals are realistic and achievable; attaining any one of them will see you get so motivated to keep working harder.

Before you set out to achieve any goals, it is important to ensure that the goals in question are measurable. You cannot come to the gym and expect to do a year’s task in two to four weeks, that’s preposterous. Everything has a plan and especially when you are working with a trainer, you need to design your goals according to what is feasible. Therefore your goals should not only be realistic, but they should also be measurable. This makes it easier for you to carry out an audit of your workout process and see if you have been making any progress.

While setting goals, it is also important to differentiate between the short term and the long term goals. The only way through which you will be able to attain the long term goals is by working so hard on the short term goals, and achieving them. Here’s the sad and bitter truth; there are no shortcuts at the gym, just hard work. It can get so extreme depending on what you are working towards, but with the right mindset, you should be good to go.

Work with a variety of alternatives. You cannot keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect to get a variety of results each time. Some schedules can get boring especially when you keep at them day by day. If you have a good instructor, they should help you work on a schedule that is not repetitive, but one that is versatile enough to still keep you working out wholesomely while not feeling bored in the process. Changing the order of the exercises can also be a good way to keep you interested and ward off the boredom.