From 41% to 14% body fat; it wasn’t an easy task, but I made it

When you see statistics like these, it can take you aback and make you wonder if it really is possible. Well, I did it and am sure you can do it too if you can only put your mind to it. In as much as you might want to know how I managed to do it, perhaps one of the most important things that might interest you is learning why I decided to do it. What was my motivation factor in this strenuous journey that saw me lose all that body fat? What I came to realize in the course of my hard work at losing weight was that you need something to look towards if you really need to make sure that you can work out the way you want and achieve the goals you desire.

As a kid I was not really embarrassed about my weight. As a matter of fact I embraced it boldly and was so happy with it. When I look back, I came from a family of big people and as a result I actually felt fine in my size. My childhood was pretty okay if you ask me, especially because I played football, and it is common knowledge that in football the bigger you get the better it is for you. Just like any other kid my age around that time, I wanted to look good for prom by the time I was old enough, so I had to change my lifestyle. Once I started on this, I never looked back until I achieved my goals. Besides, being a football fan for life, I came to realize all too soon that it would not be too easy to make it into particular teams without a particular body shape and size, so I had to shape up so fast.

At my age, working out was not easy because there is so much going on around me that I would not want to miss out on. There were interruptions from time to time and without proper monitoring, everything can go down the drain in a very short while. In fact the interruptions were my biggest challenge, from skipping a workout session, taking an unexpected vacation and so forth. Then there were those dinners where you just could not stop eating anything presented to you. However, even with all these challenges right in front of me, I never gave up on the cause.

Today when I look at how much I was able to achieve, I am inspired every other day to pass the same knowledge to other individuals so that they too can be able to draw the same inspiration and meet their workout goals. I spend a lot of time training and learning as much as I can about yoga, nutrition and other fitness associated classes so that by the end of it all, I have the right knowledge with which to train others to be success stories like myself. Remember; never eat something whose effect you might regret later on.