If there’s something that’s so fascinating about fishing, it’s not in the moment the fish falls for the bait, but when you pull it out of the water and watch it flap around trying to find water. Being a former swimmer, I can totally relate to this. From the moment I stopped swimming, I felt the same way. I felt like things were different, I could not fit in, and most importantly, I was suffocating and dying. Having been in national competitions from a young age, it was all too hard for me to quit swimming. Swimming was my life and the swimming pool was the world to me. Therefore when I decided to move on to other things it felt like my whole world came down on me.

I used to train like 10 times a week, but shortly after quitting, I could hardly ever train. Like any young person my age I would walk in and out of the gym, try to impress by lifting something very heavy but eventually I would hit the road again. Eventually I came to realize that things were so wrong and I would not get anywhere unless I decided to move on and do something about my physique. Today when I look back I cannot say I have achieved my goals yet, because I still believe I have so much to do. However, having moved from that skinny 128 pounds to 187 pounds, I really like my body the way it is now, and would love to keep it this way.

I discovered BodySpace through a friend, who sent me a link on some of the supplements that they had. Right around that time I was getting pretty serious with the way my training was coming around, and that’s why I was looking for some effective supplements. I immediately loved what I saw, and signed up for their rigorous schedule.

If there is something that I came to learn from BodySpace is that motivation is key to success. As a matter of fact, I cannot think of any better way to put this other than the fact that they really helped me getting motivated to work harder. Communicating from time to time with individuals who had the same ideas in mind like I did was awesome too. It kept me going and the assurance was highly appreciable. Each time I saw some of the incredible bodies around here, I felt challenged to keep working harder to achieve that too.

In terms of my workout schedule, I often stick to a single muscle split. I do not keep quite the schedule, but I like to keep my muscles guessing what will happen next. However, I love to train my back muscles, though I am trying so hard to improve on my weak points, the rear delts. Do not get me wrong, I have been on BodySpace for so many years, and am still a member because it has helped me work wonders on my body.