How to keep your body fit while travelling

You have probably worked so hard to get to the point where you are, building your body, busting yourself out at the gym every other day, then you have to go on this long road trip or some other trip that means you will be away from your gym and some of the things that you would normally consider essential to your workout regime. This can drive you insane it you do not know how to handle it, but with the right attitude and planning, it can be like nothing ever changed at all.

One of the most common challenges that a lot of travellers usually have concerns their diet. Being on a good diet while travelling is not exactly one of the easiest things to do because you do not really have a comfortable place where you can practice all the stuff you have always tried out. However, what this means is that you have that one chance to experiment and see how good you are at following schedules when things change abruptly. It can be very exhausting especially when you want to keep your workout schedule and still manage to have a good social life around you on which to build successful relations.

Whenever I am travelling, there are some things that I consider essentials and I never leave them at all. The good thing about all of them is that none of them need to be kept in a freezer or a refrigerator for that matter, so I can always carry them away like any other luggage and get on with my journey. These are foods that keep me healthy enough as if I was on my diet throughout the journey.

I never leave my pre-portioned oats behind when am on the road. The complex carbs are important to making sure that I stay in line at all times. I always feel much better when I have these with me than having to start looking for anything that can suffice at shopping marts and stores as I travel.

I love some almond butter for the unsaturated fats and most importantly because they are healthy and easy on the heart. Another part of my travel meal that never stays behind is Quest bars. These are pretty good because of the fact that they are all natural, low in sugar and carbs, while at the same time they are rich in proteins. Proteins are any bodybuilder’s best friend and you always have to make sure that you have these with you at all times.

If I have to make an order at a restaurant, I never forget to make it as portable as I can and healthier too. With my portable order, I keep to the complex carbs, lean fish and veggies. Instead of serving the meal with a glass of wine, I prefer to have a glass of water. However, there are times when I cannot avoid the wine, so I ask for a glass of vodka soda, or red wine, but I try to make sure that I do not do it so often it becomes a habit.