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Let ASICS Rule Your Run

Let ASICS Rule Your Run

October 24th

3 ASICS styles to take running this season

Running builds on the natural movement patterns of the body; we are all designed to walk, to create movement through our structures and running is very much a natural progression from this. When done well, and safely, running has many health benefits, including mobility and stability, cardiovascular endurance, breathing to aid movement, weight loss and increasing lean muscle.

ASICS is one of the leading sportswear brands, particularly when it comes to running and a leading proponent of shock absorption systems and gait analysis features, as well as a range of other technologies to help improve your run.

  1. ASICS - Gel Kayano 26 LS

If you’re going for a long-distance run, then this is the perfect pair of running shoes from ASICS. Designed for the long haul, the design is lightweight for less impact as you stride, and the GEL™ technology creates high-density shock absorption and sustained comfort through movement. This alleviates impact to your joints and to the weaker parts of the body, which will help to avoid injury over time. Always make sure you’re wearing the right gear for your body, so that you perform movement correctly and safely.

  1. ASICS - Gel Nimbus 21

This is a shoe designed for you; it’s as close as you’re going to get to a customised shoe. Designed with the Asics I.G.S® (Impact Guidance System) technology, this is a construction technique that enables the shoe to respond to your natural gait. This is so important with sustained movement and constant impact on your body, because your natural gait, or alignment will impact your whole running technique.

  1. ASICS - Gel Cumulus 21

This is one for the road runners; a performance road-running shoe, the design of the Gel Cumulus provides the support and stability you need for this style of run. Designed to cushion and support your feet over long distances, this shoe boasts FLYTEFOAM® Propel technology for excellent bounce and energy return, reducing impact and increasing the energy you have to propel your every stride.
Remember to shop for shoes the same way you shop for the rest of your fitness apparel – it’s not just about looking good, it’s about supporting your body, providing comfort and motivation to give you the energy to move well and move safely. Only then will you see the sustained results you’re looking for through fitness.