If there is one thing that a lot of personal trainers will tell you about their experiences with ladies at the gym, it has to be the fact that most of them dread lifting, and as a matter of fact they tend to avoid it like the plague. Lifting weights is not always a lady’s prerogative when she comes to the gym. Most of the time ladies are here to work on the aerobics and other stuff, but the moment you mention some weights, they tend to develop cold feet. Perhaps it is because some of the ladies believe that when they lift weights they will develop man-like bodies which are pretty much the opposite of what they intend to achieve, unless of course they are training for a competition, in which case they would be competition bodybuilders. Constantly coming in for yoga and/or cardio sessions is not enough to get you that toned body that you want to be the envy of your friends; you have to be willing to go the extra mile. Contrary to popular belief that lifting can destroy your natural womanly physique and make you look like a man with the muscles to boot, lifting weights is actually a very good thing for you.

Fat loss is more effective when you are lifting weights than through any other form of exercise or training that you might be on. Lifting weights is not just reserved for those who want the shirt ripping muscles, but it is highly recommended for you especially if you are looking to lose some fat. Resistance training is a very successful and effective means of burning additional calories from the body if you compare this in particular with cardiovascular exercise. One of the main benefits that you will get from this is that it allows your body to burn fat not just when you are training, but even after you are through with your training.

The body is able to make use of the calories more effectively when you are increasing your strength through weight training. This will also help you to add some lean mass. Hands down, strength training will help you burn more fat than any of the activities that you would engage in while sitting down or walking. As a matter of fact you will be burning more fat with more muscle contractions in the course of the day.

When you are lifting weights, the body naturally takes this hourglass shape that a lot of ladies love to have. Endurance training will normally help you lose weight which is available in the body through muscle tissue and fat. When you lose both fat and muscle tissue, you will lose the curves. However, when you are working on strength training, you can easily create and maintain the curves just the way you want them.

Some of the other benefits that you will get when you are working out include quality sleep, an increased sense of energy, a healthy heart, proper and healthy bones and bone health, and most importantly you will be relieved of stress.