I am an amateur bodybuilder and I have to take my time to share this experience with you and any other individual out there who might be interested in bodybuilding but they do not have an idea where to start or how to go about it. In particular this is for all of you out there who have a dream to be someone, to achieve something, but for some reason you never get to work on these dreams. My reason for sharing my dream with you is to at least give you the push and the determination so that you can also be inspired and motivated to be the best of who you want to be.

I remember when I first had the idea run through my mind that I wanted to become a bodybuilder. It was a very clear idea in my head, and I can still remember toying with the idea for a very long time. I wanted it so badly I told myself I had to participate in a bodybuilding competition. A friend who was so involved with bodybuilding and was also involved in organizing some bodybuilding competitions was talking to me about it and he even mentioned that I should consider it. Not that he was nudging me ahead or forcing me into it, but he just mentioned it in passing. I remember telling myself that I would just sit this one out and wait until the competition, but he told me, it was rather unfortunate, but I was competing in the next competition. I had all these excuses not to compete, that I wanted to get bigger first, that I needed more time to prepare and any other excuse that I could wrap my fingers around. What eventually happened is that after minutes of persuasion and motivation, I did it; I decided that I was going to compete.

With only 4 months to go until the competition, I had nothing more in my mind other than to train so hard and beat all those that I was going to compete against. As the days went by, I kept working so hard, was determined to become the best and never stopped. I tried to do all I could and eventually the day of reckoning was here.  It was more like a dream for me, just that I was wide awake, and nobody would snap me out of it. When it was all said and done, I was ranked fourth, and it might have hurt because I thought I had done so much to be the best, but the lesson I learned from it all was very important. The fact that I came short of top spot only spurred me to start training and preparing for the tournament the following year. I have since maintained my training schedules, maintained my diet so clean and healthy, and to make things better and easier for me, I always make sure that my body fat is as close to contest weight as can be. Do I owe my friend anything for this revelation? Hell yeah! I think I might even owe him my life.