Mangosteen and your health

Forget about the commonplace nonsense that for you to stop adding more weight you will need to stop eating or cut down on some of the meals that you eat from time to time. All that is rubbish and you can rest assured that one of the best ways of losing weight or even getting to maintain your weight to a particular level will be for you to keep eating. You have to try and eat healthily if you want to maintain your weight or if you are trying to lose weight. Today there is a lot of emphasis on trying to find the perfect diet that will guarantee you that sexy body shape that you want. It is not just about eating the perfect diet, but you can also be on the lookout for the best meal replacement or try to cut down on the food cravings.

When you start eating less in order for you to lose weight, you will only be doing yourself more harm than good. Skipping meals only depletes the nutrients that the body has naturally and as a result your body will fall into desperation due to the lack of nutrients. When this goes on for an extended time period, your body metabolism will soon slow down. When this happens, the body is tricked into believing that you are going into hibernation mode, and starts stocking up on food in fear that you might be going into starvation. Therefore the body will not be able to burn off any of the energy and will instead just store them as fats, so instead of losing weight you will be packing on some weight.

It is always important for you to plan your meals accordingly so that you do not get caught up in a tricky situation. People are usually advised to try and make sure that they plan ahead for their meals, and space them appropriately so that whatever happens there is no room for starvation. You should know beforehand what you are going to eat from morning to evening and get psychologically prepared for it.

While you are trying to lose that weight or maintain it, it is important that you try and keep a journal of the meals that you have every other day. While doing this, also try and ensure that you note down how you feel while eating and after eating a particular meal emotionally, and physically. Note down your energy levels, your attitude and so forth. This is a good way of knowing how each type of food makes you feel, and to monitor your moods. You will then be in a good position to figure out which are your happy foods and which aren’t.

Forget about the large meals, but be very keen and make sure that you eat mini meals through the day. Be sure to space them apart appropriately, at least have a meal every three or so hours and you will have the best time of your life.