There are several misconceptions about working out, and all of them can either lead you astray or change the way you view things. If you are keen on discussion forums and other avenues where people discuss bodybuilding, you will come across a lot of things that have been said about muscle building, but not all of these are either true or useful. Gym rats will tell you that if you want to build muscle, you have to work harder at the gym, and longer too. This is because to them the gym is their life and they cannot function without setting foot at the gym. However, what if you are pressed for time and cannot afford to be there more than a few minutes or even for an hour as they recommend? Does this mean that you should give up altogether?

Our lives are so busy today, from school, work and at home there are a lot of obligations that we have to meet so that we can be able to lead normal lives. Since we fall short of time, it might be a good thing to find exercises that we can do in under an hour while still gaining the somewhat same benefits that others get when they hit the gym for an hour or more. It can only take you 10 minutes to work your muscles just the way you want them. To do this you should focus on increasing the intensity of the workout process since you will only be at the gym for as short a time as necessary.

Increasing the intensity of your workout is the first step towards achieving this. Intensity can be looked at in two ways; the amount of work that you do within a given time frame, or the effort that you invest into the exercise routine, though the latter is rather subjective and different opinions matter. Do not forget that in as much as you want to do so much in a very short time, you should never compromise on quality for quantity. You must make the right choices and pick your movements properly. To do this you have to understand that not every body part will be subject to all the exercises that you normally do when you have all the time at the gym, so you must select the effective ones. It might also be advisable for you to discuss this with your instructor.

You also have to understand your body well before you start anything drastic. It takes the body around 3-4 weeks to adjust properly to a new routine. Once you realize this, you can switch to other sets of training instructions. You must also be able to know when the time is right for you to stop if you are pushing yourself too hard. Remember that working out in 10 minutes is possible, but to some people it might as well be a dare that they cannot live up to. As a word of advice, always try and spend as much time as possible at the gym for better results. However, when time cannot allow, make the most use of the little time that you have.