For so many years I have always been asked about what it feels like to be the wife of a bodybuilder. This is not exactly one of the easiest questions to answer, but I always try my best to give the correct answers. Unfortunately some people ask such a question when they already have their answers predetermined in their heads. Because of this I have to at times just stick to the point and keep a straight face through it all.

I have known Lance for a very long time and having been so competitively involved in athletics back in college, I do understand what it means to not just be his wife, but to live with him and actually share his life with him. I cannot lie to anyone that it is an easy ride, or that it gets easier at some point, no way. It is hard work every other day, and there is no stopping him at all. This kind of sport demands a lot of discipline and as a dutiful wife it is important that I encourage him to keep it that way. Most people would easily fall off the line with this one, but I have to understand how challenging it is for him too to live with someone like me.

Some of these things in life are two-way traffic. You cannot expect to be in there alone. As a matter of fact, when you are there wondering what or how the other individual is feeling, they are probably thinking the same thing of you too. One of the biggest challenges that we face especially as a couple is that of finding time. It becomes so hard for people like Lance to get the time to be with their family because most of their dedication is to the gym. From his personal training schedule to training others to be as good as he is, it can get out of hand. Considering the fact that he loves the gym to death, at times you need a wife to draw the line between work and play. There are times when I feel like dragging him from the gym with a gun in hand, but considering my size compared to his, I would shudder at the thought of how that would end.

It becomes harder when he has to start training very early in the morning or late in the evening. This is because this is the time that most people can have when they are free either from work or before they can start their morning schedules for work. Whenever he starts training for his bodybuilding show, it also gets too difficult for me. At times I have to keep reminding myself constantly that it is only temporary, the show that he is working on, but then again this is his life, I am part of it so I have to find a way of really being there for him. It is never as easy, but perhaps the only thing that I can say really helps me is staying focused and being disciplined.