Everything changed in one night; that one night. I know I had been pretty weak on my resolve, my power and my motivation everything about me was just blank. However while I was strolling around the block with my small sister, I just realized in a moment that everything had to change. I had taken some photos which I intended to use to update my status, but when I thought about what they looked like, all I could do was wonder what had happened, how I had lost the edge in the struggle to keep fit, and why I looked so terrible. I was looking so bad even my small sister could tell, and she actually told me point blank that something was missing. Since I had won my previous competition, I just let loose and lost focus. I stopped adding in more effort to become better, and everything that I did from then on was just lazing around.

I told my sister that starting the next day I would change everything. Everything had to change from tomorrow, I would stop taking junk food, I would stop all the messing around and I would keep focussed. What happened next, I still do not know how, even up to date. While I was busy trying to convince my sister about how I was going to start making changes from tomorrow, she retorted and just asked me why wouldn’t I not start immediately, why postpone it up to tomorrow, and the attitude with which she said it, it sounded like she really wanted the point to sink home, and it did. That was the moment when everything changed. All of a sudden I could feel my mind clearing, I could sense the need to change and I knew all I had to do as long as I stayed focussed.

That very evening I took some time and looked at my diet, evaluated it and came up with a new plan, a new strategy that would see me get back to my best once again. That was how my revelation started and pretty much that was it. I can go on and on about what I did, how things worked for me and so forth. However, what you do not know is the challenges that I faced; the real challenges that stood in my way. I cannot lie to anyone that bodybuilding is an easy thing to do; I cannot even lie to myself about that. In fact am so sure you probably know that already, so I will choose to skip that part and tell you what you need to focus on. Bodybuilding requires that all parts of the body are working in unison with one another. Every part of your body is involved in bodybuilding, from your mind, your body to your heart. All of these parts of the body have to work together for you to succeed. Even with the slightest misalignment of either of them to the cause, you will never be able to make it.