There are a lot of challenges that we face in life, but none of us should be put down because they feel they are too old to do something. At my age, I never imagined that I still had it in me to transform my body into this sculpture of a figure. However, by the time I managed to do it, even myself I was shocked at the fact that I could still pull it off. I remember admiring most of the young lads that I came across every other day as I worked my way back from multiple hernias and toe surgery and reminisced at the days long gone. There was this one day when I was walking up the stairs and I felt so different, so lazy and when I looked at myself in the mirror, all it could do was look back at me with all fingers pointed at how terrible I was at keeping my weight. With 25% body fat and 235 pounds, I knew there was so much that I had to do to make a real change. Besides at my age most folks just give up altogether and ride their lives into the sunset. I was not ready for that. I wanted to keep fit, and I believed I still had it in me to show some of these young lads just how determined this old man was.

I had a good background in matters physical health. I was a runner for around 6 years, and had even quit smoking. Though someone else might think that running was good enough for me, in my books it never really counted because in as much as I was spending so much time running, the one thing that I never really got to do was to lift weights. After a while I realized I was getting old, fat, out of shape and within a short while I would be one lazy old man.

I went to and started following closely some of the profiles of individuals who were within my age bracket and I realized that the notion I had of being too old was so stupid. There were men and women here much older than I was yet they were in perfect shape. It is from there that I came to realize how far I wanted to go by the time I was 50. At the moment am a few months shy of 50, but I am so close to my target.

What really amazed me was the encouragement that I got from the members that I met online and how they motivated me to keep pushing on. Though I am yet to get to that place where I want to be, I still look back and think of how easy it can be to drown in your perceptions of what you cannot achieve, while all you need to do is to visualize and be determined and you can achieve all you want. The most important lesson that I learned in all of this is that no one is ever too old to change and turn their lives around.