Why would anyone ever consider giving up? Giving up is never an option that you can take seriously and if you give up on anything, no one will ever get to take you seriously either. I had one of those experiences that really make you feel like you should give up altogether, but by the end of it all I held my horses and still managed to triumph. You can imagine what happens when you only have 15 weeks to train for a contest and for the same reason you give it your best shot by far. However when it comes to the final day of the contest you do not even get ranked as high up as you might have wanted. Such are some of the disappointments that people have to deal with.A lot of bodybuilders can relate to the fact that every other time they are working out to achieve something, their lives naturally revolve around the training schedules. Therefore it becomes hard for you to imagine anything short of success. Hard work at the gym soon becomes a part of your life and failure is not acceptable. However, the inevitable happens and you realize that you are not even close to top spot, you are 4th.I almost felt my world come crashing down on me when I was not selected the winner even though the judges considered our competition one with the best natural amateur lineups. In short they were saying that we were amazing, but I did not care about that, I wanted to be the most amazing of them all, so to say that I was disappointed is pretty much an understatement.Right after the competition was over I really kept to myself, never went out as much with my friends and did not even see life worth living anymore. I had a competition coming up in exactly one week but I was still feeling downtrodden and would not even consider training for it. I can remember at some point I even considered myself a loser and would not think of training for the next contest because it was not worth it.However, all of this changed when I saw some of the photos that were taken of me during the disappointing contest. When I saw them my face lit up because for once I was seeing a different side to what I had thought. I could see that I really did look so great and it made me feel so different and so uplifted. Considering that I was pretty much the youngest contestant on the stage, I realized how much potential I still had to make it through.What happened next was incredible. I was lying in bed cursing and thinking until something happened and I realized that I needed to encourage myself to keep pushing on. From then I looked forward to the next contest as a way to disapprove the earlier judges and reaffirm to myself that I was good enough to live up to the challenge. In this business, you can never say never; it is not allowed!