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Nutrition Tips for Lean Muscle Gain

Nutrition Tips for Lean Muscle Gain

April 1st Nutrition And Recipes

Nutrition Tips for Lean Muscle Gain

When you’re looking to increase your lean muscle mass for a more “toned” look, protein is your best friend. But, other factors also come into play. Here are a few important tips for adding the right nutrients to your diet and increasing your lean muscle.

1- Consume enough calories

When trying to lose weight, many people actually make the mistake of not eating enough. It is difficult for your body to create muscle mass when you don’t take in enough calories, so make sure you’re fueling your body properly – one way to tell that you aren’t getting enough caloric intake is if you feel weak or sluggish during exercise.

2- Add protein based on your body weight

Not everyone should consume the same amount of protein, but if you’re trying to increase muscle mass, you’ll probably want to take in more protein than the average woman. You should aim for 1.4 - 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight and your intake should be on the higher end if you’re doing strength workouts, and on the lower end if you’re doing only cardio workouts (walking/running etc.). Try eating eggs, meat or fish such as salmon regularly. You could also try throwing in a protein shake or two,  such as Strong Girl Isolate.

3- Remember carbs and healthy fats

These nutrients give you energy to carry you through your workout and your day. Fruits are an excellent and healthy source of carbs, while nuts contain the healthy fats (in addition to protein) that your body needs to keep it ticking over.


Bottom line: the first step you’ll probably want to take towards your lean muscle goal is to up your protein intake. Start by making sure you have some source of protein at every meal, and for bonus points, include a protein-rich snack, then it’ll be easy to add the carbs and healthy fats. Just remember– add to your diet without restricting calories. You need that fuel to keep you going!


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