Fish and mercury poisoning

Fish is a very good meal especially for someone who is working out harder to boost their body size and to make sure that they are able to maintain a proper body shape. There are nutritionists who concur that when you are eating fish more times every other week, you will be able to ensure that you live healthily. In as much as you are able to do this, chances are high that you probably do not know all there is to eating fish. Did you know that by eating too much fish every other week you could be endangering your life? There has always been that argument about fish and mercury and this is especially so for tuna. To a lot of people making sure that their meal is composed of low fat and high protein content is the top priority because to them this is one of the easiest ways of making sure that they can remain healthy all the time. In as much as it is healthy for you to eat fish because of the richness in protein that you will get from it, it has also been proven that when you eat too much fish you will risk mercury poisoning. This is because you could be eating too much contaminated fish without even knowing it.

Take note however that the health hazard does not lie in the fish that you are eating, but it is basically in the mercury that is available in the fish that you are eating. There are some common symptoms that could suggest that someone already has mercury poisoning, which include hair loss, dizziness, aching joints and nausea among other symptoms. Whether or not you love to eat fish or if you know someone who loves to, it is important that you know about this so that you can also help someone save their own lives; sharing is caring.

The worrying fact is that a lot of us normally eat too much mercury in different forms but we are not even aware of it at all. Things like severe headaches which last for a very long time, stomach cramps and memory lapses are just but some of the many things that you have to be on the lookout for because they could easily signify mercury poisoning. Mercury occurs naturally in so many places in the planet especially since it is normally released through volcanic activity. From the thermometer to the flu vaccines, fluorescent bulbs and dental fillings there is mercury everywhere and they eventually get deposited in the oceans and other water bodies from which we eventually get to fish and have a tasty meal.

There are a lot of deficiencies that you could suffer when you are eating contaminated fish as a result of mercury poisoning, and these include birth defects, damage in the brain and the kidneys or even loss of vision and slurred speech. All of these are things that we can avoid by simply making sure that we only get to eat the right amount of fish and not too much.