Is there anything that you think you can do better than you did today? Are you able to do things in a better way next time? Do you think you can be better the next time you come back? All these are some of the questions that you need to ask yourself from the moment you set out on the off-season period. There are a lot of people who simply hit the off-season as the time to relax and forget all they ever knew about bodybuilding. Off-season is not just a time for you to relax and be easy; it is a time for you to strategize for the new season. It is a time for you to plan ahead for the new season and make sure that whatever gains you made this season; you will build on them for the next. You do not have to wait for the new season to kick in before you can start working out a plan. Good planners, good athletes and bodybuilders always have a plan and the plan is always to become better, all the time.

As the season draws to a close you need to take stock of your time. You have to look back at everything that you have done and make sure that you did it well. If at all there is something that you believe you might have done better, this is the time for you to lay a strategy for it. Of course no one of us can ever be so perfect, but with the right mind set, we are able to achieve everything that we work so hard on. It does not matter whether this was your first year lifting weights or not, what matters is that you have done so much, and it is only fitting that you keep doing so much. There is no limit to success, and there is no day that you will reach a point where someone will tell you that you have done enough and there is not much that you can do. There is always room for improvement; all you need to do is to want to improve. You have to get that desire burning deep in you to become better, and start planning for it.

Much as you are already psyched up for and you are ready to start planning for the new season, you have already done so much work this season and the first step towards planning for the new one is to relax.  Go easy and enjoy the fruits of your hard work. You really have earned it, because for sure you are much better now than you were at a similar time a season earlier. Resting and relaxing once the season is over is a good thing for you because you will be able to ease off all the stress that has been eating you up. You will also be able to look back at the challenges and the struggles, the hurdles you have jumped and use that to lay the foundation for the next season.