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Shedding the fat: the best program for fat loss

Shedding the fat: the best program for fat loss

April 3rd Training And Programs

Shedding the fat: the best program for fat loss

Before we look into the best type of program for fat loss, it is always beneficial to try and understand how fat works in our body. During exercise, our primary fuel source comes from carbohydrates, and the only time we can recruit fat for fuel is when we run out of carbs. That’s why it’s important we help our body to utilize fat as energy, to get rid of it – this requires workouts that are long in duration and low in intensity.


Here’s how to shed that fat:


Nutrition is the most important aspect of any fat loss program. Without proper food, working out can only go so far. Blood-glucose fuels our brain and glycogen fuels our muscles. Fat is a non-essential nutrient when it comes to basic fuel in the body - its main purpose is for emergency reserve. With that in mind, our nutrition should focus on a high-carb, high-protein, low-fat diet. Any and all of the food you eat should be unprocessed, whole foods. People mistake carbs for potato chips and white bread when in reality fruit and vegetables should be your main source of carbohydrates.



The exercise you engage in will be the determining factor in total fat loss over time. Your goal is to tell the body to use fat as fuel rather than as a reserve. This can be done by training for higher volume and low intensity. In the world of strength training, there is no better program for fat loss than German volume training. This type of training is a longstanding gold standard for mass and fat loss. Combine this program with low intensity, high duration cardio training, and you have a clear fat loss program. Try starting on a stair climber at a low intensity and keep your time above 30min. This will ensure that your intensity is low so that you are not using carbohydrates as your primary fuel source.