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Simple Exercises to Boost Your Endurance

Simple Exercises to Boost Your Endurance

April 3rd Training And Programs

Simple Exercises to Boost Your Endurance

Weight training can sometimes put you in a bind if you have weight loss goals.  That's why it’s always important to supplement your workouts with endurance training.  Not only can endurance training help you to lose weight faster, but it also improves your heart health, making it a really great addition to your workout!

Here are simple exercises you can add to your workouts to boost endurance…

Battle Ropes

It’s easy to jump on a treadmill, but conditioning the arms can be tricky.  Battle Ropes are a very versatile piece of equipment which you can use to boost muscular endurance and overall conditioning. Schedule your workouts with supersets (moving from one exercise to another) to utilize arm conditioning and endurance.


Farmer Walk

This exercise really is a killer.  The goal is to walk while holding heavy weights in your hands so that you can combine endurance training and grip strength - try this on a treadmill at a slow walking pace first, and then you can move to more difficult spaces like inclines or stairs.


Bodyweight Squats

Perhaps the easiest exercise to do in any environment, so even if you can't get to the gym you can get a set of endurance squats in.  Set a timer for 3-5 minutes and start squatting - remember this is not a race, you want to maintain great form all the way through.  Try three sets of three minutes with two minutes rest between sets.



This really is a no-brainer but it's largely avoided by most gym goers.  Running is the most natural and fundamental exercise you can do to improve your overall body composition, balance, and endurance. The best tool for runners is a heart rate monitor – stay in your target heart rate for as long as possible, record that time and try to beat it in your next workout.

There you have it!  Four simple exercises you can do nearly anywhere to boost endurance and take your fitness to the next level.