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Sports and Nutrition: The Beginner’s Guide to Supplements

Sports and Nutrition: The Beginner’s Guide to Supplements

April 2nd Nutrition And Recipes

Sports and Nutrition: The Beginner’s Guide to Supplements

When it comes to sports, no matter your fitness level, what you consume—whether diet or supplements—plays a big role in how well you perform. Sports nutrition is the ideal way to optimize your physical performance as well as help prevent injuries and speed up recovery time. No more excuses for not getting to that next workout!


Diet Tips for Sports Performance


Carbs are NOT the Enemy

Pay close attention to the food you eat before you work out. Rather than one big meal, eat smaller meals that are high in complex carbohydrates. It’s these carbs that are going to give you the energy you need to make it through that long run or bodybuilding program.


The Low-down on Calories

You’ll also need to make sure you eat enough calories before your workout. The more intense your activity level, the more calories your body will require. Calories are what give your body fuel to get started and the energy to keep going. Eat healthy snacks that are going to give you the calories you need, as well as added protein. Protein bars,  fresh fruits and vegetables, and a handful of nuts are good choices.


Drink up, son

Make sure to stay hydrated. You need fluids not only to prevent dehydration but also to carry nutrients throughout your body during exercise. Water is one option, coconut water is also another great option, and sports drinks are all good choices to replace your body’s lost electrolytes.


The Top Supplements You Need


Make Way for Whey

Whey protein is a natural and complete protein found in milk. It also contains BCAAs (branch chain amino acids) which are good for building lean muscle, as well as repairing damaged tissue.


Get Active with Creatine

Creatine is another sports supplement you might want to consider. It provides your body with energy and also stores this energy for use during your workouts.