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Sports Performance Workout

Sports Performance Workout

April 3rd Training And Programs

Sports Performance Workout

When it comes to fitness, it can be confusing to determine what type of workout is best for your sport. Should you focus on strength and conditioning? Or should endurance be the center of your workout? The fact is, your workouts should be a combination of all aspects related to your sport.


Let’s break down some popular sports and how to train for them:


Soccer Training

Soccer training is highly dependant on your cardiovascular ability and endurance. Training for cardio can be relatively simple if you’re a marathon runner but when you watch a soccer athlete, you will notice that most of their running happens in short bursts followed by long jogging rests. One of the best ways to train for soccer is by using interval training. Simply by using the rectangular shape of a soccer field, jog the sidelines, and sprint the goal lines. You can train for time or laps, progressing over time to faster jogging paces—just be sure to always give yourself plenty of rest and recovery time when needed.


Basketball Training

Basketball is a sport highly dependant on your power and explosive strength. Athletes like Russell Westbrook and Lebron James dominate the court because they are the kings of explosive strength. To work on these critical points, you need to work on your balance and strength. Balance is always our start point because without balance we cannot generate force in the muscles. Once balance is achieved we can train for strength by using simple 5x5 training regimes. Using the big lifts (squat, deadlift, bent over row, bench-press, military press) train for 5 sets of 5 reps. With low reps, pack on the resistance and always move with bursts of power to train the muscles and eventually be able to increase the tempo of your workout. This will translate into the agility and strength needed on the court.

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