It is not so easy to stay motivated at the gym and there are so many things that you can come across that might take away all the motivation that you had. Life throws punches at you all the time, and the best thing that you can do is to find a way of punching back. When life punches you, you have to learn to punch back so hard life gets scared. Success at the gym can only come from one thing, how motivated and determined you are to get there. So many times I have come so close to giving up, being demotivated and quitting altogether. However, all these times I managed to get back to my best and today I have a story to tell, a story of success that a lot of you can benefit from.

One of the things that always kept me working so hard was imagining that I was competing against my fierce rival. Even to date this has always been one of my favourite motivational factors, picturing us going neck to neck and the rival is slightly ahead of me yet am just about to give up. There is no way I can allow that to happen. Whenever I imagine him gloating about how big he is, I cannot help myself but work harder, train harder till I beat him, and this always works for me.

When I am not thinking about my rival, I always visualize weights as the enemy, something I hate so bad. Weigh training can be hard and you have to be harder, tougher. When I envision weight training as something that I really hate, I always want to go so hard at weights it’s like I am beating the life out of them. Besides, the bigger I get the harder I will be able to punch the lights out of them, so I have to keep lifting and not think of stopping at all.

Positive reinforcement always works wonders. If I know I have been working so hard at the gym and I can honestly see the results, I will definitely want to reward myself with say a pair of gloves or anything that I think I really need. I cannot buy myself anything that I do not deserve. Therefore when I work harder, I will be able to achieve these goals and I will be motivated to keep going harder and stronger. The same applies to the diet. Of course I am on a diet that I have to watch, but every once in a while I can always treat myself to something nice apart from the diet. Forget about the candy bar or the junk food, but something that has a good nutritional value. It is only by working hard that I can be able to enjoy these benefits.

Music plays an important role in working out and motivation. When you are at the gym, consider playing some of your favourite music in your iPod and get lost in the world of hard work until you succeed.