Naturally, I am used to training in high volume. A lot of people might not appreciate this, but it is how I do it, and if you want to do it just the way I do, be my guest. When I was writing this, I was paying attention to the stuff that I normally do, what drives me, how I train and basically my secrets to bodybuilding. I realized that there are a lot of basic programs out there on how to do this or how to do that, and I do not really contend with all that. Being an average Joe has never been my thing. I have always believed that I am better than most, and when am working out and training, I believe that I am better that all. My training mentality is to keep going and do everything to make sure that I am much better than I was before I started out.

Well, now that I am going to give you a lowdown of how I normally train, let’s start off with where all the magic happens. I go to a health club, so I can at least guarantee you that it is not a power gym; how I wish it was a power gym! There are a lot of stuff in there, machines, treadmills and lots of other useful equipment. There is also a smaller room that has free weights and just the right number of machines I would consider essential. I normally spend most of my time in this smaller room lifting weights. As a matter of fact, I can be in here for close to two hours just having a go at the weights.

My training regime is long and hard because this helps me get more out of my muscle size and strength. I come to the gym to get stronger and have bigger muscles, and in my opinion there is no better way of doing this than through the heavy lifts. What keeps me going is this training partner that I have, Mike. Mike is just but a teenager though when you see him training you might wonder what his age is. As a matter of fact he appreciates high volume much more than I do, and at times I think he inspires me, basically because he works harder that a lot of the adults that I come across in the gym.

When I am not working out at the gym, you will find me working out at home or at school. I constructed this weight bench in my basement which I can use to work out whenever I am at home. Once I get home and I want to go lift some weights, I normally put on some music and just keep working out till I feel I have done my best for the day. Interestingly enough I came to realize that I get more effective lifts from my basement than when I am at the gym. I always eat clean, healthy and never skip a meal. I follow my diet to the latter and am pretty serious about it.