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Strong Muscle Nutrition Facts

Strong Muscle Nutrition Facts

April 2nd Nutrition And Recipes

Strong Muscle Nutrition Facts

Strength training is important in building strong muscles and it’s something that you need to do. Without lifting weights, this is never going to happen, however the food you eat is also going to determine muscle strength.

Here are some top tips and strong muscle nutrition facts that you need to understand and include in your diet.

Eat Every Few Hours

Eating every few hours will provide your muscles with the constant flow of proteins, fats and carbohydrates they need to become strong.

Without a steady supply of these macro-nutrients, you will not build strong muscles.

Eat A High Protein Breakfast

Eating a high protein breakfast means you are going to be providing your body with protein first thing in the morning.

This is especially important for your muscles during strength training, meaning they can build, repair and recover well.

Avoid Processed Foods

Processed foods contain high sugar, salt and trans fat levels, all things you need to avoid to build strong muscles.

You do not want trans fats in your diet as they may hinder your strength training, not to mention the fact that they are very bad for your health.

Eat Whole Foods

Eating whole foods is going to provide your muscles with all the vitamins and minerals they need to become strong.

Without these vitamins and minerals, it is going to be difficult to develop strong muscles

Eat the Right Amount of Protein

While it is good advice to eat a higher protein diet to build muscle and strength, you will need to know how much.

The specific amount of protein will vary due to lifestyle and bodyweight. That said, if you aim to eat between 0.8g and 1.2g of protein per pound of lean body mass, this will be enough to build strong muscles.

PRO TIP: Be sure not to confuse this number with total body weight.