There are a lot of times that I have seen some bodybuilders take advantage of undue media attention and make some unfounded claims that they were born with the bodybuilding genes. Much as some of us might have come from a long line of bodybuilders and the genetic makeup of our bodies might share something in common, I can tell you for sure that it takes a whole lot more than genetics to make a successful bodybuilder. Think of this in terms of the hard work and most importantly the desire. You must have that desire to become a stronger individual and that is all you will ever need to succeed, not just at bodybuilding, but in all sports. Of course from my time at the gym I have come across a lot of individuals who seemed to have it all genetically worked out, but they still failed to live up to expectations. I have also come to see some lads and ladies walk into the gym all feeble and looking like they could disappear in a puff of dust. However, just because they had the desire to be better, they did everything possible and finally made it in life.

I have come to love these average guys whenever they come to the gym because most of them normally have an interesting story that made them consider bodybuilding. Many are those that are tired of being bullied or made fun of, and they believe that if they could only commit to the gym they would be able to come out differently and become much better. These are the guys who have the desire to be the best, not the hard-gainers who come in with physiques that seem like they are already complete. The point here is not to shed some bad light on those who look like they were naturally born to be bodybuilders, but to highlight the fact that with a burning desire, determination and a motivation factor strong enough to keep you coming to the gym from time to time, there is so much that you can achieve in the process.

The desire is not just about the individual but it is also about the concept and the context of the workout process. There are individuals who are so determined to succeed that they will try and overcome all odds to be there. Think in terms of all those who go to the ultramodern gyms that are well equipped, complete with trainers and instructors. On the other hand, think again about those who for some reason cannot get such access, either because they cannot afford it or because it is not accessible to them as easily as they might want to. But they still find ways to improvise and some even train from a garage. By the end of the day when you meet these two categories of individuals, it becomes hard to tell who did what, but if you listen to their stories, you will appreciate how far you can go if you can only desire to will it.