Every discipline in the world has written and unwritten rules. The written rules are supposed to be a guideline for performance or exacting some duties. However, it is the unwritten rules that normally mean so much more. The unwritten rules count for so much because unlike the written rules, they have a deeper meaning, and breaking any of them could lead to severe consequences. Bodybuilding does have the common rules that any bodybuilder knows about. These are rules that even the amateur bodybuilders know for sure. However, there are some unwritten rules that only the professionals know at heart and they know why. Breaking any of these rules serves as committing a sin hence the 7 deadly sins of natural bodybuilding


When you are at the gym, it is important for you to make sure that you do not waste time envying those who seem to have been naturally born with the gift of perfection. Spend your time wisely and try to become a better bodybuilder instead of envying someone else’s ability.


After you have been working hard, do not waste all of this in a week or two after you have been to a competition. Just because you stopped eating some foods does not mean that you can now go back to it and eat your fair share of all the bad food. Do not tolerate overindulgence.


Do not lose your temper when things do not go according to plan in a contest. Remember that by the time you decide to list your name in a competition, you are putting your fate in the hands of judges who are subjective and who look at different things. Losing should only spur you on to better things ahead.


Just because you have been working so hard does not mean that anyone owes you anything. None of those who work so hard at the gym are guaranteed anything, not even if they work a hundred times harder than anyone else. Nobody owes you anything, and whether you excel at a contest or not, nothing changes.


Always take note of how much you are eating so that you can be as objective as possible about your training and your diet. Do not take things for granted because when things come to a standstill you will not be able to progress if you were not an objective bodybuilder.


More is better, all or nothing; these are things that no serious bodybuilder should believe in. What these adages do is to make you impatient as you go about your workout process. Do not forget that by the end of the day you need to understand that everything should be done moderately.


The gym is not the place to hit on women. Of course you will meet so many gorgeous women at the gym but this is not the place to try your pickup lines. Instead, work harder and just be yourself. It is a good thing to notice a good looking woman, but that should be all.