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The Benefits of Including BCAAs in your Nutrition Plan

The Benefits of Including BCAAs in your Nutrition Plan

April 2nd Nutrition And Recipes

The Benefits of Including BCAAs in your Nutrition Plan

The first thing you need to know is what BCAAs are all about. To keep it simple, branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) are important for muscle growth. They also help with muscle recovery after a hard workout. Many professional athletes take a BCAA supplement so they don’t lose valuable training and performance time…but you don’t need to be a professional athlete to benefit from these supplements! No matter what your fitness activity is, BCAAs will help you gain muscle.

Do I need a BCAA supplement?

BCAAs are particularly important if your daily protein intake is low. This is because you need protein to gain muscle and BCAAs are essential for the structure of protein. Protein is probably the top supplement to take when you’re working out and getting into shape.

Why take a BCAA supplement if you could just eat more protein or use a whey protein powder? The answer is that they are different supplements with different benefits. Whey protein does contain BCAAs, but its main focus is on giving your body protein.

BCCA supplements basically assist protein synthesis in your muscles but are not a direct source of protein. Both supplements are important in different ways, and BCAA supplements are most important for supporting your nutrition plan if you are doing intense (as opposed to moderate) muscle building workouts.

Other benefits of BCAAs

  • ● Better endurance – you’ll be able to train longer and harder, whether you’re running a marathon or doing an intense crossfit workout.
  • ● Burning fat – if you’re trying to lose body fat, BCAAs can help your body to use fat as fuel.
  • ● Decreased fatigue – long workouts can bring on mental fatigue, which can lower the intensity of your workout. BCAA supplements keep up tryptophan levels, which are important for mental focus.

The final word is that adding BCAAs to your nutrition plan is a great way to boost muscle growth and improve strength.