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The Best Diet Plan for Weight Loss

The Best Diet Plan for Weight Loss

April 1st Nutrition And Recipes

The Best Diet Plan for Weight Loss

The best diet plan for weight loss is always one that is personal to you. Some people lose weight on a diet that is quite high in protein and fat. Others get better results on a diet that has more carbohydrates.

Although we’re all different, there are a few things that you definitely need to have in your diet plan for weight loss.

Say yes to fat!

You might be a bit worried about eating fat, seeing as it’s the thing you want to get rid of! However, eating fat won’t necessarily make you gain fat; in fact, it’s super important to have good fats in your diet plan for weight loss. Fats help keep you fuller for longer. For this reason, you shouldn’t need to eat as much overall, or as often as you would need to otherwise.

Good fats include avocado, oils like olive oil and coconut oil, eggs, nuts, and seeds. Make sure you include some type of good fat with every meal.

Carbs aren’t the bad guy either

Carbs are the other macronutrient that gets a bad rap. But they’re so important for fuelling your body and brain. Really, the focus should be on minimising processed carbohydrates that mess with your blood sugar levels and your weight. Instead, choose real food options and especially focus on those at the lower end of the glycemic index.

Fruit, vegetables, grains, and legumes are all examples of real food options that contain carbohydrates.

Don’t forget your protein

Protein foods should also be included with every meal on your diet plan for weight loss. Protein helps all the tissues of your body repair, especially your muscles. The more muscle you can preserve and build, the easier it will be for your body to burn fat. Quality protein sources include meat, eggs, nuts, seeds, legumes, tempeh, and tofu.

If your weight loss diet plan needs an extra push, check out the weight loss supplements we have on offer.