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The Best Muscle-Building Foods

The Best Muscle-Building Foods

April 1st Nutrition And Recipes

The Best Muscle-Building Foods

You’ve probably heard of the three main macronutrients that food is made of:

  1. 1- Protein
  2. 2-Fat
  3. 3-Carbohydrate


Some foods are mostly made from just one of these macronutrients. For example, most fruits primarily contain carbohydrate. Others have a more even mix of two or all three macronutrients.

Eggs, for example, contain a good mix of both protein (in the white part) and fat (in the yolk).


Your body requires all macronutrients to function properly, but protein is the one that is super important for building muscle. You need it to build and repair not only your muscles but every cell in your entire body!


Include protein rich foods for every meal in order to maximize your muscle-building potential. It’s important that you choose high-quality protein foods to provide your body with the nutrients it needs.

Examples of protein-rich muscle-building foods

  • Lean meats such as steak, chicken, lamb, and beef. Meat sources such as these will give you the biggest ‘bang for your muscle-building buck’ with their high percentage of protein. Choose organic, grass fed meat when you can
  • Fish such as tuna, salmon, and trout. Fish has the added bonus of being high in omega 3 fatty acids, which are important for brain function
  • Vegetarians and vegans can help cover their protein bases by eating tofu and tempeh. Tofu is made from soybeans and tempeh is the fermented version of tofu. The best thing is that these foods are ‘complete’ proteins, so you get all the essential amino acids your body needs
  • Eggs are an excellent source of protein. They have a high biological value, which means your body can easily use the protein in them
  • Dairy products such as cottage cheese, whole milk, and unsweetened yoghurt. As well as protein, these muscle-building foods also contain plenty of calcium for strong bones
  • Legumes and grains such as chickpeas, black beans, and kidney beans contain good levels of protein, as do grains such as farro and quinoa.
  • Nuts and seeds are also good sources of protein. Aim to choose raw nuts because of their high nutritional value


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