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The Best Training Program to Lose Body Fat

The Best Training Program to Lose Body Fat

April 3rd Training And Programs

The Best Training Program to Lose Body Fat

Think you’re doing everything you can in the gym to lose body fat? Our bodies have evolved over time to ensure we always have stored fat so that we still have some energy stored in case we go hungry.

In our modern lives, we don't really need these fat stores, and we can work them off if we train the right way.  Fat loss in exercise comes down to the duration of your workout.  Our muscles are powered by the nutrients we get from carbohydrates, and are broken down into glucose and then glycogen to fuel muscular contractions while exercising.  Since our body uses carb reserves first and fat second, we need to follow a couple of simple steps to lose fat while training.

How to lose fat:

1)      Workout longer:  Working out for longer will help ensure that you are using fat as a fuel source. Try to keep your workouts around 60-90min 3 times a week for six weeks to lose body fat.

2) Try Volume training:  Volume training uses a hypertrophic stimulation principle to lose body fat. The difference is that you train with lighter weights or resistance bands for higher reps, so try a lighter weight with 10 sets of 8-10 reps. Each exercise you complete should be done in a slow, controlled movement to stimulate the muscle through the entire range of motion. Resistance bands can be a great way to train with volume because they provide a safe environment to keep the muscles under tension for a long time.

3) Perform full body exercises:  Performing full body exercises will stimulate more muscle in less time. Try a simple workout that uses squats, pushups, lunges and planking exercises two to three times a week for best results.

Losing body fat will come down to your ability to stay consistent on a particular program. Try increasing the duration of your workout, completing full body exercises and training with volume principles to lose body fat in the best way.