The Best Vegan Supplements for Sports Performance

The Best Vegan Supplements for Sports Performance

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The Best Vegan Supplements for Sports Performance

So, if you’re vegan, plant-based or looking to replace some animal products, we’re absolutely sure that you’re tired of hearing that old “But where will you get your protein from?” cliché.

Plant-based protein and vegan sports performance supplements are perfect for boosting energy, reducing inflammation and improving overall recovery time.


Sporter’s Top Vegan Sports Performance Supplements:

1) Pea Protein Isolate

Every protein is broken down into dozens of amino acids. The most important are L-Leucine, Valine and Isoleucine. Pea protein is a vegan protein that has the most abundant source of L-Leucine - a very anabolic amino acid. Purely Inspired is one of our favorites.

2) Pumpkin Seed Powder

By far the best source of natural protein you can take as a vegan. Pumpkin seeds have a great spectrum of amino acids. They also contain very good levels of saturated fats and no transfats.

3) Creatine

Creatine is a natural compound that our body creates (in the form of phosphocreatine) and is usually ingested through animal-based products. As a vegan or vegetarian you could feel fatigue due to low concentrations of creatine. Mass produced creatine is made with no animal products and is suitable for vegans. For best results try Muscletech 100% Creatine.

4) Healthy Fats

The vegan diet is notoriously low in fat which can put your body in a bind. Try using supplements with flax oil for healthy sources of fat, fiber, and Omega. NOW Flax Oil is a great substitute and is a great cardiovascular support for vegan athletes.


5) Hemp Protein and Hemp Hearts

Hemp is making a comeback because of its low cost and great health possibilities. Hemp protein has a great spectrum of amino acids, is low in calories and very easy to digest. This means every serving you take pushes you further in your quest for vegan sports performance.