If I look back to what we used to have and make do with back in the day, I hardly think I would really be comfortable in some of the modern gyms that you have today. We used to do everything raw, training from the bedrooms, basements and garages. We used to squeeze in some small spaces to work out, but today things have changed so much. Today you can walk into a 25,000 square foot gym, complete with the necessary lighting, mats, and underfoot and overhead lighting facilities. It’s all incredible some of the stuff we have today.

The other day I was gazing at the gym and happened to notice something unusual. I could see around 20 men and women, all in different ages, sizes and body shapes, working out so hard on their training regimes. At first I did not really pay attention to them, but then I realized that they were not just doing some simple routines at the gym, but they were really working out, pushing their muscles as hard as they could manage. None of them was wasting time chatting with the other about movies, stock prices and any of the other things that today’s folks find interesting.

I wondered why so few people are devoted to their health like these people are. They were in high spirits, working so hard you could sense their devotion and the energy running deep in their veins as they worked out toning their bodies. However, even as I looked at them and wondered why they did what they were doing, I came to realize that the statistics were not really in their favor. Only around 5% today normally exercise for health and fitness purposes. However, it gets worse that more than a quarter of this population will still be caught smoking and drinking. I wonder why anyone would put in so much effort at the gym only to waste it away through drugs like these.

What I concluded to myself was that as a society, we tend to abuse our bodies on our own volition. Instead of taking good care of our bodies and the hard work that we have been up to at the gym we do all we can to have fun while destroying the very thing that we worked so hard for. Apart from that, we end up trying to get quick fix solutions by using makeup, hiding our bodies in clothes, attitude and a lot of other distractions including medicines. Mine is not to judge, but only wonder.

However through my experience I have come to realize that social conventions can be so bad. It is through these that bad habits form, and it is also through them that the bad habits are propagated. Perhaps it is up to us to make sure that we know the limits to which our social affiliations can lead us, and how far we can go. That being said, it is only when we are aware of some of the symptoms of our social illnesses that we will be able to steer clear of the weaknesses