Any athlete who is serious about what they are doing will tell you that training and focus are the most important things that they have to have if they want to succeed. You must be willing to go to all extents to make sure that you can achieve your results. It is not just about training, but training hard. You have to give it all you got and you will certainly be one of the happiest individuals around when you see how far you have gone in terms of success. One of the biggest mistakes that so many people make is that they never tend to plan ahead. Most individuals normally work towards short term goals, while what they need to do is to work with a long term idea in mind. If you are making plans as an athlete, you need to realize the impact that these plans will have on your system, and recognize the fact that these will normally take a very long term to accomplish.

Over time I have taken time to speak to different coaches and managers of training programs for sports personnel and athletes throughout the country and I always stress the importance of planning. By now you have probably heard of the phrase failing to plan is planning to fail, and it is no further from the truth. Unfortunately there are so many athletes who are on training programs that cannot help them for the long term. The reason for this is because most of their training schedules are normally directed towards improving their scores or their marks on particular tests, but not on enhancing their performance over time. As a sportsman one of the most important aspects of training that you need to be on is endurance training.

Football players in particular normally face this problem because they are trained to beat a particular score that has been set by another player. Therefore most of the time these players are made to train so hard only to beat someone, or to beat some score, but in real sense they are not as strong and as enduring as they should be. This is a problem that has been around for more than 30 years, but it seems that more and more players keep getting sucked into the abyss of training to beat a score and not to become the best of who they are.

All players are talented in their own way, and instead of training to perfect their skill, they train to deal with their egos. It is such training that kills the careers of players, especially when they cannot handle their egos anymore. It is not a bad thing to train hard to beat your competition, but when it becomes an obsession, this can be very dangerous to your success.

I came to realize that a lot of athletes score so high when they are being tested, but unfortunately they cannot perform as they should when pushed to the limit. If this is the case then the whole point of training to become an accomplished athlete is defeated.