10 nutritional commandments

Thou shalt eat less

You need to aim at eating something under 10 calories for every pound of lean body weight. The fact behind this is that if you want to gain some weight, you will need to make sure that you are eating more calories than you will be able to use up.

Always work into it

There is this rush among most people to try and lose fat as soon as they can. Losing fat is indeed desirable, but it is important that you slowly work into this process. Try and avoid all those fad diets that promise you will lose fat in a very short time.

Get the right amount of nutrients

It is not about the quantity of food that you eat, but more about the quality of the food that you are eating. Take note of all the right nutrients that you need for your diet, and ensure that your diet is composed of just the right amount.

Continue to eat more often

Just because you are eating less than you normally do, this does not mean that you can now move back to your three meals a day schedule. As a matter of fact it is important that you make sure you are having around 6-8 meals on a daily basis.

Always use a fat burner

Fat burners are a highly contentious issue with so many diets. The most important thing however is for you to be able to understand whether they are effective or not, and how. Once you can appreciate how to use these, you can then include them as part of your schedule.

Take care of post-workout nutrition

Immediately after your workout session, it is always important for you to make sure that you eat just the right quantity and quality of food. The body needs the right food to improve the health of the muscles that have just been depleted and to help in building them back again.

Eat fewer calorie-dense foods

While working on these commandments, you will need to try and eat fewer calorie-dense foods but increase your intake of foods that can actually make you feel full without necessarily adding any real calories to your meal.

Never avoid fats

One of the biggest mistakes of all time is for people to avoid fats. I cannot say this more than enough times, but fats are so important to building your muscles. You can try and avoid the saturated fats, but ensure you have the right amount of unsaturated fats.

Always drink plenty of water

Water is the basic building block of cells, making up around 70% of cell life. Your body will lose a lot of water through sweating and other means and all this will need to be replaced.

Always try not to waste muscle

However hard you have worked, it is important for you to make sure that as you attempt to cut down on the weight, you do not cut down on the muscle too. Be very careful each time you want to shape down the flab.