Dave refers to the Dungeon so fondly, the small room barely enough to move around at Muscle Beach. It was dark and dirty, but some of the most popular bodybuilders in the world built their fate here. The location of the Dungeon was also one of a kind, considering that it was located right under an old hotel which had a trapdoor. It was therefore a smelly place considering the fact that air circulation in such circumstances might have been so hard. You can imagine the combination of stale beer and mildew that would leak into the Dungeon, combined with sweat, old and new; this place really had an aroma that most people would not entertain. However, interestingly enough all those who managed to work out at the Dungeon never really cared about the smell; they just went on with their business as usual.

There was no fancy equipment at the place either because this was way back in the 60s. There were four rows of overhead bulbs which offered lighting in the room, considering that there was no daylight down under the hotel. The benches on which the bodybuilders used to work out were not padded either, and in the event that you had splinters, the only way you would have been able to get rid of them was in the bathroom shower. A lot of equipment here was fastened on bolts and rusty nails. It really was one hell of a struggle working out here. However, if you take your mind away from some of these challenges that people faced when working out at the Dungeon, the bodies that came out of that place were immaculately chiseled

Considering that a good number of the best bodybuilding chaps in the world have ever been there, it is pretty much a holy place for bodybuilders. Back then you would pay $48 to use the equipment at the Dungeon, the odd dumbbells and the rest of the weird equipment that had shaped the lives of some of the champions to have graced the planet. Back in the 60s people like Draper did appreciate how effective natural bodybuilding was. All you had to do was to work out so hard, lift weights and basically live your life lifting stuff. None of the things that we have today existed back then. However, the environment changed significantly in the 70s. During this time, steroids hit the market. Because of this a lot of mediocre individuals managed to take a shot at fame through shortcut methods and in as much as a number of them managed to succeed, the medical implications on their lives were so bad.

When he looks back to the 60s and compares the scene with what we have today, Draper cannot help but miss the days long gone. All you ever had to do back in the day was to train, eat well and just lift your weights. To them lifting weights was more of a religion than a habit.