There is currently a health crisis all over the world, but unfortunately a lot of us find it funnier to make it an interesting spectacle especially when holidays like Halloween come along. Why is it that one of the most common characters in Halloween is usually the obese child? Why is it that people find it rather easier to make so much fun out of this child while the kid basically needs more support. Sugar coating this all the time is getting out of hand yet obesity is already a crisis all over the world.

Obesity is real though interestingly enough we are not taking this as seriously as we should. For the parents who always get their kids out there for Halloween, it is important to note that indeed this is a joyful moment when we get to play tricks on one another and on the kids. However, what we have to pay more attention to is the fact that even when we are making all this fun out of the kids, they still need our support in order to get them off the obesity crisis.

According to the CDC, obesity is getting out of hand and the more we make fun out of it all instead of finding lasting solutions, the more things will get worse. Today we are having a lot of sugar coated foods and other stuff that we feed not only to our kids but also to ourselves. Our children will always do the things that they see us doing, and because of this there is no way we can run away from it at all. As a parent you should therefore make sure that you are setting the correct examples for your kids to ensure that you are in a good position to see them grow up to become healthy productive individuals.

All the sugar that we are feeding our children is not just leading the cause in making them obese, but it also goes so far in making the kids diabetic. Diabetes is a challenge that kids and adults face as a result of too much sugar intake among other causes. However, what you need to learn is how to keep the extra sugar away from your diet. Type 2 diabetes for example is one of the most prevalent types of diabetes, considering the amount of sugar that makes up a significant part of our meals. Surprisingly even in the face of all the awareness campaigns against obesity and diabetes that have been around for some time, the CDC maintains that the number of obesity cases in kids have more than doubled in kids over the past 3 decades.

In as much as sugar is not the lone ranger with all the blame packed under its name, there is so much more that we can change when we are keen. The first thing that you can consider doing is to switch the sugar for sugar alternatives. Today the sugar alternatives are easier to obtain and also more affordable than before.