Top 5 Tips for Gaining weight

Top 5 Tips for Gaining weight

April 2nd Nutrition And Recipes

Top 5 Tips for Gaining weight

Gaining good muscle weight is a long and tedious process - luckily for you, we’ve got five top tips to help you gain muscle weight quickly and safely.


Increase the Frequency of Your Meals

Eating more often will boost your metabolism, which can be counterproductive to weight gain but will boost your metabolism and help to repair muscle tissue much faster.  After a week of increased frequency of meals, your body will adapt and slow down metabolism, leaving you to make faster gains and put on weight healthily.


Eat More Complex Carbohydrates

A complex carbohydrate is any food which is composed of complex sugar molecules, strung up together in a chain. These types of carbs are not as easily digested as simple carbs and spend more time in your body, allowing you to soak up all the nutrients and gain weight faster.  Some examples of Complex Carbohydrates include beans, peas and whole grains.


Try a Mass Gainer

Great mass gainers have a combination of proteins and carbohydrates, and you’ll want an optimal ratio of slow digesting proteins and simple carbs.  This will help to spike insulin levels and stimulate protein synthesis, meaning you can ingest all the nutrients and recover faster.  Muscletech has created the perfect blend, with creatine to help optimize weight gain.  For a great mass gainer, check out Mass Tech.


Use Overnight Protein Supplements

Especially in men, our greatest testosterone secretions are during the night when we're sleeping.  This means if we want to gain as much muscle as possible, we should supplement protein before sleep. The perfect protein supplement should have a combination of many sources of protein to sustain digestion throughout the night, with Phase 8 being our top choice.


Workout With Complex, Multi-joint Movements

Working out with complex, multi-joint movements such as squats, bench, and deadlifts activate more muscles than other isolated movements.  This means you stimulate more growth in a shorter period of time, which is perfect for weight gain.

Try these tips out yourself, and you’ll really notice the difference!